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A la carte

In addition to the dishes that I describe below with photos, Ultims additions to our menu are:
  • Costillar roast with homemade barbecue sauce, …………… insuperable.
  • stewed pork deeper sanabrés style. We recall those who ate Mondays fair in Mercao Bridge.
  • Cheeks sanabrés Galician style roasted veal, the tastiest veal meat served with potatoes
  • Cucurriles (typical mushrooms Sanabria) with ham and shrimp in pepper cream. Spectacular in taste, to enjoy the cucurriles and scrape the dish to not let a drop of sauce.
  • Botillos. The famous botillos both like to Luis del Olmo, but not only made in El Bierzo. The Sanabria give you a very interesting puntillo. It was a winter dish that current technologies make summer reaches its splendor.
  • salad with hot chicken and cream cheese Roquefort. That I'll tell you, hot-cold salad with a fine cheese aftertaste.
  • sanabresa Quesada. It's a recipe pursued by the competition but never come out of our family. It leads cheeses, but which?
  • Adobo killing with potatoes, proof of our chorizos.

And of course our stars:
  • veal cutlet or grilled steak.
  • Octopus sanabresa
  • Wheals with sausage or with nose or leg of veal with ………………… or what you want.
  • Caldo sanabrés, nobody does it like us and need not call nosequé pot or anything, it's the broth that made the grandmother cook.
  • Cheesecake with six different cheeses. Consistent.
  • Truchas with cream of shrimp, sabrosisisismas !!, this dish has been copied by others and rewarded. Lastima was not registered

In our desserts we incorporate homemade dishes created with products:
  • Fried milk
  • Cheesecake
  • sanabresa Quesada
  • Flan home
  • Homemade cakes of different types